Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Redmi10 review - "Punching over its price point in more than one way"

Sometimes, you don't need the best or biggest phone. We all work on computers most of the time. There are many people who use their PCs or consoles to play games, but they also have smaller, more intensive mobile games. There is definitely a market for such a phone, and Xiaomi has created the Redmi 10, an affordable phone that offers a lot of surprising features.

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Xiaomi offers a wide range of products, including the Redmi, Mi, and Poco lines. There are also many variations within each line. While some of their phones are quite heavy, there is always a respect for the wallet of the consumer. This is definitely true. The Redmi 10 retails at just above PS100, which for a phone this quality, is quite a respectable price.

Redmi 10, design and size

Although the Redmi 10 is very thin, it has a surprising weight. It measures just 9mm in width. This is quite absurd when you consider the fact that the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader. It is not small, measuring 161.95x75.53mm. This makes it slightly larger than the Honor 50. The iPhone 11 Pro is also slightly larger. The screen is smaller than other gorilla glass screens, however, as it doesn't wrap around like its predecessors.

Colour variants of Redmi 10

The design is very simple. The phone's overall form factor is very flat, with only a lip at the bottom and a rounded-rectangle camera part on the back. Although I don't know why current camera designs make the cameras look like glue, it's a popular trend that won't be stopping anytime soon. The back of the Redmi 10 is a great design. It has a slightly retro look to it, with its rounded shape, positioning, and size.

If you fancy mobile gaming:

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I chose the Sea Blue model, which quickly picked up fingerprints. This confused me a bit because I knew someone who had a Redmi 10, and they said that it was the exact opposite. I guess it's all down to which colour phone you have. Although I don't use fingerprint unlocks, this is a fantastic feature. It's dual-sim phone with a MicroSD slot. Another highlight is its design. My last phones didn't have memory expansion options. This can be a problem if you take a lot of photos or have a lot to download onto your phone.

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You can also use the audio jack.

The 3.5mm audiojack is another feature. I cannot believe I am celebrating this feature in 2021. It's amazing that there are still phones that can take this fitting. The speakers are also useful if you don't use headphones. Two speakers are found on the Redmi 10, one on the bottom and the other on the top. This stereo speaker is better than mono, so if you use your phone to view a video in landscape mode, you will have a great time.

Redmi 10 screen quality

The screen quality is good, with no dark shadows or suspicious dark spots around the frame. I like the UI, especially the split swipes at the top. You can pull down one side to access notifications, and the other side to access settings. This is similar to iOS devices. It's modern and will be a welcome addition to any busy phone.

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Redmi 10 cameras

Next, the cameras. The Redmi 10's cameras are quite good considering its price. It has a rear 50MP camera, an 8MP ultra wide camera, and a 2MP macro and depth camera. An 8MP front camera is also available. It's a nice camera, and you won't be disappointed if you don't have one. As I mentioned, I enjoy taking close-up shots and focusing on them for emphasis. Although the Redmi 10 can pick out textures very well, it is not as detailed as top-end phones' cameras.

Back and front view of Redmi 10

Although the main camera leaves a lot to be desired in terms of brightness and light adjustment, the ultrawide camera is great in low-light or daylight settings. Although the night mode works well if you use it, I noticed a lot more false darkening in my photos once I switched to zoom in night mode. When I had several apps open on my phone, I noticed a slowdown. This really affected some of the graphically intensive games.

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Amazing battery The 5kmAh battery is another positive. It does take a while to charge, but it will charge quickly enough that you'll be laughing at other people's phones.

The Redmi 10 is quite surprising overall. It is a very affordable phone. This expectation, along with delivery in certain areas, is that it will be a regular phone. However, it offers many modern conveniences that are normally found only in high-end phones. So it truly punches above its weight.

Redmi10 review - "Punching over its price point in more than one way"

The Redmi 10 is a surprise from Xiaomi. It really packs a punch in many departments. However, it might leave some owners wanting more.