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This Elden Ring player beat Godrick using a banana-based controller

This Elden Ring player beat Godrick using a banana-based controller

There are a few chokepoints on the Elden Ring map. Godrick the Grafted is one of these obstacles. This is the first demigod most players will encounter and, for those with average abilities, he can be quite tough.

Godrick is now a target in the age of the internet. SuperLouis64, a modder and content creator, see this man and think of a new kind of challenge: What's the most ridiculous way to beat him?

How about a banana-shaped controller?


The circuit box contains eleven bananas wired together. This is not enough to duplicate every button on a pad. However, it is possible that some of the bananas are doing double duty. I was unable to see the exact operation of the device from the video so I asked the creator.

Louis writes, "Long story is short, I've hooked each banana up to an HID." "Each banana basically turns into keyboard inputs, kind of like an Arduino setup with push buttons. They are actually bananas, and not push buttons. They can be used as a controller for my PS4 or PS5 depending on the station I choose to play it on. I have done some programming to make them work.

Louis64 is a master at this type of modding controllers. Last week, Louis64 was using the Switch’s Ring Fit controller for some fun in the Lands Between.

Louis loves this stuff, and calls himself a controller bender. He has also enjoyed Final Fantasy XIV via pizza, and, quite wittily, he played Cyberpunk 2077 with T-poses. Godrick isn't content to rest; this is only the beginning.

It is funny to think about FromSoftwareHQ and the talented designers who spent so much time perfecting the Godrick battle, creating a truly terrifying challenge for players. They can now come to work and turn on their computers and see that Godrick was humbled by a fruitful man.

Elden Ring saw a massive launch week. It was played by nearly a million people on Steam. The demand for runes also grew so much that there is now an eBay trade. There have been many funny deaths.

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