Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Tower of Fantasy gets a new trailer showing characters in action; the theme song artist is revealed

Hotta Studio and Level Infinite have released a new trailer for the online RPG Tower of Fantasy.

The trailer this time focuses on several characters that will be appearing in the game.

Each item has a description below.

Meryl – A senior Hykros executor, Meryl is a skilled at combat and sword skills and excels in solving problems using violence. King's brash attitude and extravagant clothes are strong indicators that King is a person who is driven by money. Crow - Crow is a happy and optimistic person who can do anything for fun. You can see his impressive dagger tricks and pride-and-joy collection or just a quick joke. Zero - A computer genius who deliberately and effectively destroyed all records of his past and real name. He is very competitive and smart. He ignores everything that doesn't matter to him. Cocoritter - She can be very concerned about her unconditional trust in all people she meets. She is determined to heal more people through her healing abilities, but she can't help but feel innocent. Nemesis – After being modified by the Heirs, Shirli becomes the Angel of Clemency and is known as Nemesis. She is usually quiet and introverted but when she is under the Heirs' control, she becomes a merciless killer.

We also see the character trailer, which you can see below. Milet, a Japanese singer, will perform the theme song of the global release of "Clan".

Although the song hasn't been released yet, it will soon be.

Tower of Fantasy will be available in Q3, 2022 on PC, iOS, Android. Already, pre-registration is available and more than a million players have signed up.

You can watch the Tower of Fantasy trailers. One focuses on the world and the other on the story. The second trailer is about the mounts. The third about combat. And the last one is about motorcycling.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world shared RPG that takes place hundreds of years into the future on the distant planet Aida. Hotta Studio developed it. It certainly has its anime inspiration. It features a post-apocalyptic scifi story, deep character growth, and thrilling action combat.