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Borderlands is one of the best games in 2022

Gina Lees>Updated Nov 4, 2022 at 07:06 ET>OutridersLooking to play great games like Borderlands. You can find enough games to keep you busy until..

Borderlands is one of the best games in 2022

Gina Lees >Updated Nov 4, 2022 at 07:06 ET >OutridersLooking to play great games like Borderlands. You can find enough games to keep you busy until Borderlands 4. Perhaps the idea of actually collecting and cataloguing over a billion guns isn’t as thrilling as you thought.

Borderlands is loved for many reasons. It's a safe place to kill baddies online with friends or as an addictive looter that keeps us up till the wee hours saying "just one chest". Borderlands is not the only series that has a crazy story where players must work together to earn skill points and max their favorite builds. There are many great series that promise a cel-shaded circus full of lunacy, although not all series can do it on the same level as Pandora's wastelands.

These games, like Borderlands, don't cover everything that makes Borderlands unique. However, they do offer something close to the original or something completely different with enough similarities with Gearbox's series of games to keep your attention. These are the top Borderlands games, whether you're looking for the humor, the loot or the co-op or the colorful characters.

Borderlands is one of the best games.

BulletstormOutridersThe Outer WorldsWasteland 3Destiny 2The Division 2Fallout 4Diablo 3WarframeTales of the Borderlands


Although humor in Borderlands games is not always a great fit, it can work when there's something completely outlandish on-screen. Bulletstorm may not be able to do co-op looting, but it is a match made in Heaven when it comes down to action and writing. The action is full of bombast, and even though it's not as self-referential than the Borderlands games, the jokes will sometimes make you smile.

The gunplay and set pieces are what make this game so appealing. Bulletstorm, like all shooters from the 2010s has a gimmick. You can kick, blast or use an energy lead to move enemies and other objects as you fight. People Can Fly's Bulletstorm is a great example of this. You can boot your enemy to make them go against a cactus. Then you can use the energy leash to draw in an explosive barrel, kick at some onrushing grunts and toss a bad guy through the air. Finally, line up a headshot and then they will twirl towards heaven. All of these tricks result in a trickshot bonus. They are as addictive as Borderlands plunder.


Bulletstorm can get close to Borderlands, then Outriders (a space-based looter and shooter game from the same developer) is likely to be the best match. This third-person shooter has classes, a huge loot table with satisfyingly mechanical guns and a main story that you can co-op.

Gearbox Studios' premise is more gritty than any other, and it's not easy to find lightness while you complete quests or explore alien planets. But Outriders excels at combat and loot grinding. The abilities aren't just powerful enough on their own; they can be combined to form horde-destroying combinations. While the original offering of legendary guns wasn't too special, subsequent updates have added some incredible weaponry to the game's arsenal. For our full review, you can check out Outriders.

The Outer Worlds

Borderlands 3's world-hopping is still a favorite, but The Outer Worlds, a first-person RPG, has a lighthearted sense of humor. You'll travel between space ports on two planets in the 20-hour-long main story, encountering hostile aliens, mutated animals, and hard-core capitalists.

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Borderlands fans will find comfort in the vibrant aesthetic and abundant loot. This is especially true in The Outer Worlds' display of science weapons. These include standard lasers to shrinkrays, as well as an arsenal of old-fashioned rifles. While you may be able to talk, sneak, and hack your way through many encounters you can expect lots of shooting, looting, and memorable companions.

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is the perfect game for you if you want all the blood, gore, and guts of Borderlands, plus some apocalypse-related chaos. This turn-based strategy game requires you to think calmly and be calculated, rather than just holding down the left mouse button, and watching your health bars disappear. There's lots of loot, an extensive RPG system and plenty of options for crafting your own squad.

Wasteland 3 has the same witty humor, but at a more mature level. The apocalypse-themed game doesn't spare any mercy with its harsh environment and cutthroat wit. But there are many things to love about this game if you are a Borderlands fan.

Destiny 2

Bungie's space shooter launched with a gentle thump. However, since launch, new content has been added to this spacefaring looter/shooter to make it unrecognizable from its original launch. Bungie's multiplayer first-person shooter is a massive multiplayer game. It features a similar gameplay to Borderlands 3's coop. You jump in with your friends to complete missions, raids, shoot aliens and find powerful loot.

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Destiny 2 lacks the colorful art style, erratic characters and bolshie humor. But if you're looking to have fun exploring space and blasting aliens with your friends, Destiny 2's open world scope and multiplayer options are the best.

The Division 2

The Division 2, another cooperative looter-shooter who takes teamwork seriously, is on the opposite end of the humor-scale. If you are willing to travel far enough into Dark Zone to take on enemy AI and other players, there is a lot to be found.

The post-apocalyptic Washington setting won't have any Skags and Spiderants, but there are still some marauding outlaws. You can team up with your friends online and complete PvE as well as raids while also taking out looters and scavengers. It's not polite, but Division 2 is a great place to play if you love Borderlands and like creating more powerful characters and collecting shiny new Division 2 Exotics.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a Borderlands-style game that you can play alone. It has a lonely setting, with only your four-legged friend and the foes/forced acquaintances made along the way.

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We'd even go so far as to say that Fallout 4 is better than Borderlands 3. It still features the vast, dusty plains with piles of rubble and mutated enemy to shoot down. You don't just have to shoot and loot, but you will need to build a base and acquire resources to survive. But there is still plenty of exploration and the thrill of discovering loot. Although the weapons aren’t as bizarre, there are many inventive firearms that can be taken from the hands of a raider.

Diablo 3

Diable 3 is top-down hack and slash gaming at it's best and one of the most talked about and highly regarded RPG games. While the story is not perfect, Borderlands 3's fans didn't find it too disappointing.

Diablo 3 has a lot to offer. It is filled with enemies for killing, and NPCs that can be used to sell and buy new gear. Diablo 3's coop features a rich RPG system, deep skill trees and the opportunity to explore new areas and enemies with your friends. Keep an eye out for the Diablo 4 release date.


Warframe is a great free PC game with tons of content. You can invite up three friends to join you in exploring the vast world. There's plenty to loot, but you won't be able to pick up legendary guns. Instead, you will be collecting resources to make powerful loot for your ship. Warframes are the new Borderlands character classes. However, you will be choosing from Warframes' titular frames when you want to establish your preferred playing style. There are thousands of Warframe build options if you are passionate about crafting the perfect setup.

This massive space game receives frequent updates and expansions. These include new frames, planets and regions to explore and fine-tuning existing content. This game is loved by both developers and players who have spent countless hours playing it.

Tales from the Borderlands

It's not Borderlands-style, but it's Borderlands. This episodic story is told by Telltale Games. It follows the same format as Borderlands 2, but with less gunshot-bang-bang, and more dialogue options. Rhys is a Handsome Jack wannabe and his dream of becoming a Hyperion villain on Pandora.

The cel-shaded landscapes are still present, but instead you will be exploring Pandora and talking your way out of sticky situations. You can also use quick-time events to help you get out of trouble. Tales of Borderlands offers more heart and story, but the same zany characters and bloody bandits as the rest of the series. It also features barren landscapes and jabbing keys in quick-time events.

These are not the best Borderlands games, but there are still many other co-op PC games you can play with your friends and FPS games that offer plenty of gear and guns.

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