Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023

Is there a Marvel Snap Bot? Answered

Marvel Snap is a digital card battler that Second Dinner has launched. It's headed by Ben Brode who is best known for his work on Hearthstone. You might have noticed some odd matches and fast battles, so you may be curious if Marvel Snap has bots. Here are the facts.

Marvel Snap: How to Identify Bots

First, Marvel Snap does have bots. If the game cannot matchmake you with another player, you will be matched with a bot. It should be easier to match up with humans now that the game is available worldwide.

You'll also be matched up with bots when you first start the game. This tutorial is where you'll find lots of bot matches to help get familiar with the different card effects and locations. Once you reach rank 30, the training wheels stop and you will start to encounter human players.

You can still run into bots above rank 30, but here are some key methods to identify them.

Bots can make asinine play; they will play a card in Superflow one turn, play cards in Lechuguilla the next, etc. If you play Leader and the bot decides to do nothing for that turn, it is one of the most telling signs. If they have the lead, bots will play Cosmo when you play On Reveal cards that could seriously impact their board like Green Goblin or Hobgoblin. Bots will also snap on turns four through five. Even though they have a small lead, bots will always snap on those turns. The latest patch means that this is no longer a reliable way to identify bots using Marvel Snap. Human players can now get Inkify splits. However, bots tend to have common first names or mashups containing an adjective, verb and random number such as Juan, Christine or ExcitedPotato578. They only use the base avatars of the game.

Do You Need to Snap Against Bots

Bots are easier to defeat than humans, but we don't recommend you snapping against them unless your game plan is strong enough to win the game on turn six. Bots can see your plays and can make decisions about you. This means that decks that use Leader or Goblins could have their game plan reversed by them.

Tempo decks with a lot of power by themselves without any interactive effects perform better against Marvel Snap bots.

This is all you need to know regarding Marvel Snap bots. For more information about Twinfinite, search Twinfinite. We have a list of our top picks for starter decks that will help you climb to Infinite. Also, we explain how card pools work.

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