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Thetan Arena Tier List - Top heroes ranked

Updated: July 19, 2022 - Updated the Tier List to reflect the most recent patch

Thetan Arena was released earlier in the month and has been growing in popularity. It currently has 6.5 million players who are all trying to earn THC coins. You are here if you want to rise the ranks and find the best hero of Thetan Arena. You can check out our Thetan Arena Tier List, where we have ranked heroes from best-to-worst.

Hero Roles

There are three types of hero roles: Tank (Assassin), Marksman (Marksman). You probably know the roles if you've played MOBAs such as Arena of Valor or Wild Rift. A Tank, as the name implies, is responsible for protecting the team and soaking up damage. The Assassin is quick to attack and finishes low-hp targets while the Marksman remains behind the Tank and defeats enemies.

Thetan Arena Tier List - Top heroes ranked

Thetan Arena tier list

There are many game modes, including tower, death match and superstar. Each mode requires different skills. A solo hero might be able to perform well in battle royale but not in team games like death matches. This post will discuss all these factors: the hero stats and abilities, as well as ease-of-use and how it will perform across all game modes.

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1 Thetan Arena Tier List - Ranks S

RaidonMaryChef OctopusBreakerCalaPhoenix

They are heroes that many people might not expect to see at the top of Thetan Arena's tier list. They are great when they have the right skills. If they are used with the correct skills, they can dominate in both team matches as well as in battle royales.

2 Thetan Arena Tier List - Rank

ClusterDestroidMortalEl DragonMorrodSteelshot

Some of the most powerful heroes are Cluster, Mortal, and Steelshot. They are the best choice if you're looking to play Marksman. They are not the best in battle royale, but they can perform well in team games.

List of 3 Thetan Arena Tiers - Rank A

VeinkaErrant GhostTaekwonReiDurass

You should stick to heroes at the top Thetan Arena Tier list. However, if you're looking for something different, Veinka or Erramt Ghost are great options. They are easy to use and have high HP. Taekwon is also an option. Although he is a formidable hero, he requires a lot skill to play.

4 Thetan Arena Tier List - Rank B


You should also avoid picking heroes from tier C. BigPapa or Bathos can be used in team matches, where they are behind tanks and deal damage to enemy players. Each character should be ignored.

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