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Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

Torchlight is a popular action role-playing game (aRPG) that many people have heard of.

In 2009, the popular hack and slash game was released on Windows. It was set in Torchlight. It featured a fantasy world with dungeons, ever-expanding caverns that players could explore, fight myriads monsters, and collect loot.

Today is Torchlight:Infinite has reached the end of closed beta. It will be available on PC as well as mobile devices (Android and iOS), and will continue the story 200 year after Torchlight 2. (released 2012). All classes in Torchlight Infinite. This is a big change from previous Torchlight games. The players will need to choose a class to play. This raises some questions. What are the classes available, what are their differences and, most importantly, which class is the best?

We have gathered a lot of experience on closed beta servers and will attempt to answer all your questions. Let's just get to it, sans further delay!

Berserker Rehan

Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

This melee brawler enjoys being close to his enemies. This Berserker is different if you have played Torchlight 2. Rehan is a unique character, with his own traits and backstory. This class is not very reachable, but you can get the Hammer of Ash after lv5. Rehan can generate Rage while taking damage. This increases his attack speed as well as his damage output. The Berserker can fight longer hours due to the damage reduction buff. To increase damage and speed, the Rage bar can be consumed once it is empty.

Frostfire Gemma

Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

Gemma, an elemental mage, uses the magic of fire or ice to destroy her enemies. This class is well-known for its ability to cause massive damage, often hitting multiple enemies at once. If you have ever played mage classes in any other game, you will know that positioning is crucial for this class. Mage classes are a bit like a glass cannon. They do a lot of damage but are not very mobile.

Divineshot Carino

Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

Divineshot Carino, a wanderer from the Hermann Empire is a ranged fighter who specializes in projectile attack and has expertise in various weapons. This class is about mobility. Divineshot Carino uses his speed to move quickly and likes to keep a distance from his targets. He also enjoys attacking enemies from a distance.

Spacetime Witness Youga

Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

Spacetime Witness Youga is all about "smoke & mirrors". His game is about controlling his environment in a way that confuses enemies and then hits them with powerful spells. Spacetime Witness Youga is extremely concerned about positioning.

Commander Moto

Torchlight Infinite is the best class to choose

Moto is the ex-commander-in-chief of the Iron-Spate Knights, now an instructor who teaches engineering and ember tech at Torchlight. He is able to summon and command high-tech devices that can do his bidding. He is able to fight from a distance or in melee. Summoners are a unique class that is not for everyone. Either you will enjoy the class or find it boring.

Which class is Torchlight's best: Infinite or Pro?

Although it may sound cliché, there is no "best class" in Torchlight. With hundreds of skills available, and the option to add specialized gears, the game allows players to create their own play style. There are many customization options available, so it really comes down to your preference and how you play. Try all the classes before you decide on which one you like best.

Frostfire Gemma would be our favorite class in Torchlight Infinite. Her kit is very fun, and has magic AoE abilities. However, this is only for those who enjoy that type of play. Berserker Rehan is the best choice if you are more interested in melee and head-on combat.

What do you think is the best class of Torchlight Infinite? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. You might also be interested in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, the best class to choose and Battlefield Mobile’s best class.

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