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What is a Fiend in Chainsaw Man, and How Does it Work? This is how it works

Chainsaw Man manga and anime series has a deeper lore than you might imagine. This is a good example: Devils can also manifest in the form of lesser-powerful creatures called Fiends. You may have wondered, like many other fans, what a Fiend is in Chainsaw Man and how does it fit in with the larger series. We've done all of the research and have all the answers.

What are Chainsaw Man's Fiends? Explained

A Fiend, as mentioned above, is a weaker version of a type devil in the Chainsaw Man universe.

They are created when a Devil holds a corpse. This allows them to exist in the human world, even though they lack the strength or fear to be their true selves. They are unable to use all of their abilities and can only use the weaker moves in their arsenal.

The possession of a corpse can also result in it displaying aspects of the Devil. The most common manifestation of this is in the form protrusions such as horns and mandibles. However, appearances can vary depending on the Devil who has taken control of a corpse. Power, the Fiend of the Blood Devil manifests blood-red hair from her head. Denji, the fiend who dies in the series, has pincers resembling insects near its mouth.

Can a Fiend become a full-fledged Devil?

All this being said, it's understandable that you might wonder if Fiends can become full-fledged Devils in Chainsaw Man. The answer, as far as we know, is no.

Although Fiends can be extremely powerful by eating blood, they cannot fully manifest their Devil nature unless they have access to an extreme amount of energy or blood. They would need to be able to manifest as their Devil body separately from their Fiend bodies.

Later in the series, Power will show this. Her body is destroyed in an attack and she becomes the Blood Devil by the blood of Chainsaw Man. It is not clear if this was because she was able to draw on Chainsaw Man's power, or if it was due her close connection with Denji.

We'll continue to monitor the Chainsaw Man series for any updates or revelations about Fiends. We'll keep this guide updated if we learn anything.

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