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Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Best Answers (Aryan and Letho)

These are the Witcher 3 Interrogation Questions and answers. The fate of Aryan and the events at Flotsam will be decided by you.

You don't have to be afraid if you are new to The Witcher 3 or have never played The Witcher 2. CD Projekt RED has included a mechanic that allows players to create the world in the latest installment of the series.

Players will be asked a series questions to help determine The Witcher 2's decisions.

We have compiled a list of questions and their answers to help you understand how each question affects Geralt's view of the world and your perception of him by others.

This guide will contain some spoilers about The Witcher 2's storyline. If you don't want to read this guide, then go and play the second installment of the series.

Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

Question 1: What happens to Aryan?

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

This is the first question referring to The Witcher 2's beginning, where Geralt and King Foltest fight during the siege at La Valette.

This prologue will give you the chance to confront Aryan Valette, the commanding officers of the armies Geralt are currently engaged in battle with, and the son of Baroness.

Interrogation Answer 1 : Aryan was killed during the siege. It just happened that way.

Because Aryan La Valette is dead, killing him ends all contact with him.

It also affects Geralt's interactions during Broken Flowers. This happens at the Vegelbud Estate, where there is a horse racing tournament. A lady called Mary Louisa will identify Geralt as the murderer and leave the race. Geralt later discovers that Molly, the housemaid, was made Lady L'Attard by Aryan's nephew who visited the Estate. She fell in love with Geralt.

Question 1: What happens to Aryan? (Continued)

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

Answer 2: He was saved by me. He escaped.

Aryan saves Geralt's life and they meet again in La Valette's dungeons. Aryan helps Geralt escape. Geralt is then reunited with Aryan in Loc Muinne.

What weight will this decision have in The Witcher 3's final chapter? The Broken Flowers questline NPC interactions are also different. Mary will greet Geralt at races and direct him towards Molly, who is still an housemaid.

Question 2: How did Geralt escape Flotsam's clutches?

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

This decision will have a significant impact on how Geralt is perceived in The Witcher 3's world. Geralt made a very important decision during the events of the second installment. It revealed who he was allied with.

Answer 1: Vernon Roche and I got out of Flotsam.

Vernon Roche is commander of the Blue Stripes. This branch serves as special forces for the Temerian military. Everyone is now after Geralt of Rivia, following the assassination King Foltest.

Vernon Roche is the only person who believes Geralt is innocent. He offers his assistance in finding the true assassin. If you answered "Yes," he will accept you into his Partisan Hideout Camp. This is the preferred choice.

Question 2: How did Geralt escape from Flotsam (Continued)

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

Answer 2: I joined Iorveth and he helped.

Iorveth is the Scoia’tael commander and hates humans. The Witcher world considers anyone non-human (elves and dwarves, witchers) lower than their human counterparts.

Iorveth has made a vow to fight and kill to ensure civil rights for all. Iorveth doesn't believe in morality and has killed hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people to achieve his goal. He is against humanity if you agree to his cause.

It has very little impact on the story or questlines. Roche won't allow Geralt into his Partisan Hideout Camp, and Geralt will need to convince a guard. You will still be able to complete side quests with Roche in either case.

Question 3: Who is Geralt saving?

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

This question can have two different answers, depending on whether Vernon Roche or Iorveth voted for you in the previous question.

This is because the decision completely splits the story, opening up some avenues and closing down others. Vernon and Iorveth, as we mentioned in the previous question, have very different motives. They want very different things.

Picked Vernon Roche

Answer 1: Triss had to be saved

Triss Merigold, a lover of Geralt’s, is one of the series' most prominent recurring characters. Triss is freed from Niftgaardian captivity and can inform the Conclave to Mages that Sile De Tansarville was involved in the assassination.

This triggers a series of events that help Geralt to get closer to finding the true assassin. Carduin, a mage who lives near HMS Oxenfurt–Tretogor, will be available to Geralt for a conversation if that answer is given.

Answer 2: Anais Roche was saved by Roche.

Anais La Valette is thought to be the child-bastard of King Foltest. Vernon Roche is determined to save Anais La Valette in an effort to restore balance to Temeria.

He will no longer be available to converse with Carduin as a result of the NPC conversation. As a matter of fact, he is not available in the game at all.

Question 3: Who is Geralt saving? (Continued)

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

Picked Iorveth

Answer 1: Had to save Triss.

See the above. Similar consequences for NPC conversations.

Answer 2: Iorvith lifted the curse that kept Saskia captive.

Iorveth is more than happy to help Saskia. Although she is a powerful dragon, she assumes the human form and has been placed under the control Philippa Eilhart. She is a powerful sorceress, who has also put Saskia under mind control.

This quest will lead to the greatest witch hunt ever. You can see why this may not be the best thing. Carduin is no longer in the game due to the Witch Hunt.

Question 4: What happened to Sile de Tansarville's fate?

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

The powerful sorceress, Sile de Tansarville, discovers that she was involved in the assassination and runs away. She uses a Megascope, which allows her to teleport to any place.

Letho, the Kingslayer had secretly manipulated Sile's Megascope, changing it from a quick escape to a deadly trap. Geralt has two options when he learns about this.

Answer 1: Sile escaped.

Geralt removed the broken stone, allowing Sile escape. This answer will allow you to find Sile in Margarita's Laux-Antille’s cell. Geralt and Yennefer broke into Deireadh prison, to release her. She is frail and old, and she eventually dies because Yennefer cannot teleport her and one other person.

Answer 2: She got what she was going to get.

Geralt left Sile to die in the Megascope. As a result, she is not to be found anywhere in The Witcher 3.

Question 5: What happened to Letho?

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

Ah, Letho, the Kingslayer, the witcher and the target of the entire adventure in The Witcher 2. Geralt confronts Letho at the end and must once more make a difficult decision.

This is the last question. It's also the most difficult during the interview.

Answer 1: This alliance is dead. You see, Letho was killed.

Geralt decides that his fellow witcher should be put to death, breaking all of his bonds with his family. As a result, Letho will never appear in The Witcher.

Question 5: What happened to Letho? (Continued)

Witcher 3 Interrogation Question & Answers

Answer 2: Is that alliance still in existence? What happened to Letho

Geralt could also allow Letho's escape at the end. This means that The Witcher 3 will have Letho appear in the game, and the two go on a quest to punish traitors. Ghosts of the Past is the name of the quest.

There you have it. Now you are ready to create your world state in The Witcher 3 Do you want to explore other world states? Perhaps you'll side with non-humans, or even kill anyone who crosses Geralt. Let us know your thoughts!

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